1. What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a little piece of information sent by a website and stored on a PC, telephone or on any user’s device which allows the website to check the user’s prior activity. Cookies are essential as they help make the user’s internet browsing easier, faster and also help prevent computer damage.

The information collected by cookies is anonymous and does not contain any personal information (name, address or account data). Cookies do not collect or store data which can identify the user.

2. What are cookies used for?

On this website cookies are used to improve browsing by users. Cookies and other storage and information recovery devices monitor the interactions with products and services offered to users on the website.

Cookies make it possible to recognize the browser used by users, as well as the device used to access the website. Its purpose is to make further visits to the Web more user friendly. Cookies also help websites and applications to run smoother. For example cookies are used to remember the language preference users visited the last time.

COSDEIN, S.L., with the express and previous consent of the user, installs cookies on the device used to access the Web by the user. For this purpose, and prior to any installation, the user’s consent will be requested via a pop-up window.

The user should bear in mind that if he or she chooses to block the cookies installation it’s possible that the Web may not display or perform as expected.

3. Cookies types

To help the user better understand which cookies are used on this website, here is an explanation of the different existing types of cookies:

  •      Own CookiesCookies are managed from the terminal or domain of the same editor.
  •        Third parties cookies: Cookies are sent by another entity.
  •      Session cookies: Data is only collected as long as the user is browsing
  •      Persistent cookies: Data remains stored on the computer and can be accessed during a defined period of time.
  •        Technical cookies: Allows traffic control and data communication.
  •      Customization cookies: Allows users access to the Web based on personal preferences (Browser, language, etc)
  •      Analysis cookies: Collect users’ data behavior and allows user profile to be made.
  •      Advertising cookies: Collects data on advertising space managing.
  •      Behavioural advertising cookies: Allows the editor to include on the website advertising spaces directed to the user based on information obtained through the user’s browsing habits


4. Type of cookies used in the Website.

COSDEIN, S.L. uses the following cookies:

  •      Busonier allows user to view and interact with the Web.
  •      Name: Prestashop-variable coding.


5.  How use of cookies can be turned off

Cookies can be partially or totally turned off from your internet browser’s settings (depending on your browser’s options).

Please find below links to the technical instructions for the most commonly used browsers: